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Videos are a powerful way to get a higher standing in the search engines, particularily Google. They also are a great way to help potential clients get a sense of who you really are by watching you describe why you are best at what you do. It's all about the "user experience" and creating a sense of trust and familiarity!

One of the best ways to get a higher on the search engines is to make sure that you have a video(s) on your home page and strategically placed throughout your site. That's because Google owns YouTube and "latches on" to it's own content first before anyone elses. Videos are also a great way for potential clients to experience the "personality" of your company.

When a potential patient wants to get a better idea of who a surgeon really is as a person, a video make a huge difference in helping patients make an important decision. Since people are getting most of their information these days via videos and movies, they have a limited attention span and expect quick soundbites. So, you need to get your marketing message across swiftly and in a format that people are most comfortable using.