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Someone recently asked us if logos are really that important.

"Studies show that 99% of what we process is visual, so your logo and the look and feel of your print materials are crucial to the way that people perceive your business. It's all about building trust and familiarity with your prospective clients."

We always recommend taking a "thirty thousand foot view" of what you are trying to accomplish (marketing strategy) before we design anything. We want to ensure that you are "packaging" or "branding" your company as well as possible for positive recognition in the marketplace. It all starts with the logo and the colors that represent you. Then we move on to designing all of the other print materials that you need to support your marketing and sales initiatives. All of your sales tools need to look cohesive and relate to your website. While we can successfully design print materials for you if you already have a site, we recommend designing the website and materials in tandem with one another.

Some of the items we design include:

  •   Brochures
  •   Business cards
  •   Letterhead and envelopes
  •   Signs
  •   Posters
  •   Trade show banners, etc.